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We are the best kiosk manufacturers in Nigeria. We give you kiosk design concepts and kiosk design ideas and also have already made kiosks for sale in Lagos, Nigeria. Are you looking for a kiosk that serves the following purposes? Look no further because we have you covered.

  • Internet kiosks at airport, hotel lobbies or apartment offices
  • Photo kiosks at print stations, digital order stations, movie vending, public transport ticketing
  • Informational kiosks in large areas like malls, parks, religious centres and city streets
  • Self-service kiosks for paying bills, self-ordering at restaurants, self-check in at airports
  • Vending kiosks to sell small basic items

Kiosks also known as cubicle, are stand-alone booth placed in high traffic areas for business purposes. They can be placed temporarily or permanently in a specific location. They are low-cost alternatives to offices and mainly used to market products and services.

At Fosatrade, we give you the best kiosk design guidelines, kiosk design ideas, kiosk design plans to help you raise your brand awareness and provide interactive ways for customers to engage with your company.

We use top quality grade aluminium in building and constructing frames or structures for modern buildings.

The overall benefits of aluminium makes it an easily sustainable product. The flexibility of its design, its ability to match the environment, its durability, low maintenance and resistance to corrosion makes it last long with little or no maintenance cost.

We provide innovative construction solutions for sustainable progress.

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